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The Lessons

I enjoy teaching people of all ages and abilities. My youngest pupils are just six years old and the eldest, well past ‘retirement’ age.

Piano lessons are given weekly, on a one-to-one basis and normally last for 30 minutes. More advanced students may prefer to come for an hour every two weeks.

All lessons are taught on an upright Yahama acoustic piano in a dedicated music room.

My approach to the lessons is informal, encouraging and enthusiastic. It is important to me that students feel they are progressing and enjoy their piano playing experience. Everyone is different and I shall tailor lessons to each individual student.

I am very happy for parents to sit in on lessons. I think it is particularly useful in the early stages of learning, as it will help you guide and support your child whilst they are practising at home.

Each spring, children and young people have an opportunity to perform at the annual EPTA piano gala.